Chris Brown Makes People Angry By Suggesting He's Michael Jackson's Legacy

Chris Brown Makes People Angry By Suggesting He's Michael Jackson's Legacy
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It may have not been said in words but people got the message anyway! Chris Brown took to social media to share a piece of fan art that showed him getting a crown from none other than Michael Jackson and it is safe to say the collective voice in the comment section was pretty outraged.

It is a well-known fact that Michael Jackson is also dubbed as the King of Pop so the picture was made to suggest Chris Brown inherited that title after the legend’s passing.

As it turns out, most people are not behind that conclusion, especially since Chris himself is, egotistically enough, stating that by posting the image.

And that was not all! He stressed the idea by also posting another image in which he was wearing the crown, a shadow of Michael’s one.

Chris wrote in the caption: ‘Learn from the greatness in a person .then learn from the greatness in you!❤️.’

While the words he attached to the fan art do seem to imply something else entirely, fans were still pretty upset to see the comparison.

Here are a few of the reactions to the post: ‘No one replaces Michael Jackson period RIP LEGEND ALL THE TIME.’ / ‘No boy, no… Never!!! Michael is the only king.’ / ‘THIS Is stupid.’ / ‘SORRY BUT, NO.’

Similar comments kept on pouring under the fan art, many even asking Brown to delete the post.

This comes not too long after Justin Bieber also made a parallel between Chris and Michael.

In fact, he included two legendary artists, suggesting that he’s the blend of MJ and Tupac Shakur into one!

Similarly, many of Justin’s fans were very disappointed and dissed him online.

In response, he accused them of ‘bullying’ him and insisted that was not Okay.

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