Chris Brown Makes His Fans Laugh With These Coronavirus Dos And Don'ts

Chris Brown Makes His Fans Laugh With These Coronavirus Dos And Don'ts
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Chris Brown is riding the coronavirus meme wave as well, and he's been trying to post all kinds of funny posts for his followers on social media. Here's the latest post that he shared and which has his fans laughing in the comments like there's no tomorrow.

Here's the song that he shared on his social media account.

People are laughing their hearts out in the comments section, and they showed their gratitude to the singer for making them laugh during these really stressful times.

A lot of people are staying insider these days, after the latest announcement that the US President Donald Trump made the other day.

He said that the guidelines to fight coronavirus are in effect for 15 days, but the new virus could lurk around until July or even August.

People freaked out because they understood that the guidelines can go until August, but it's been eventually revealed that this will probably not be the case.

Other than this, Chris is living his best life these days together with his kids. Since his baby mama, Ammika Harris gave birth to their baby boy, Aeko, Chris has been completely in awe.

Speaking of Ammika, she seems to have gotten a new tattoo on her chest. It’s a simple red heart, as you will see in the photo that she shared on her social media account of choice, Instagram.

A lot of haters hopped in the comments, but Ammika's diehard fans jumped in her defense.

A fan said: 'they literally stay hating on you for some reason. Any other celebrity could’ve had this same tattoo, and everyone would be like OMG YES and whatever, but because it’s you, people judge any little thing. It’s sad, honestly.

It's not really clear whether Ammika and Chris are together these days, whether they are forming a couple or simply co-parenting.

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