Chris Brown Is Reportedly Grateful To His New Girl Ammika Harris Who Was His Rock During The Rape Scandal

Chris Brown Is Reportedly Grateful To His New Girl Ammika Harris Who Was His Rock During The Rape Scandal
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As you all know, just recently Chris Brown has been involved in a rape scandal while he was in Paris. A woman accused him of raping her in his hotel room, and he even got arrested for this.

The Shade Room was writing this at that moment: 'Chris was shortly detained, then let go with no charges pressed. He is now suing the woman for defamation of character and looks like he’s going to turn the entire situation into some shmoney for himself! Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.’

His clothing company Black Pyramid was selling some T-shirts that many people linked to the event, but it turned out that they have been selling those shirts for a longer period of time.

Now, a source close to Chris explained for the online magaziner Hollywood Life that the man is extremely grateful to his new lady, Ammika Harris for being his rock and sticking by his side during the Paris ordeal.

'Chris is enjoying his time with Ammika; she was a big source of comfort and strength to him after everything that went down in Paris. She has been a rock for him,' the source explained.

'He appreciates and is grateful for how she handled it all and for how she has helped him stay positive. He isn’t putting any labels on things with Ammika yet, but he seems to be very happy in her company. She does seem to really be helping him to put Rihanna out of his mind and in the past. Chris wants to move ahead in life, and Ammika is helping him to do that,' the same insider continued.

A lot of people, celebrities as well, have been on Chris' side during this unfortunate event. Rapper T.I. even posted about it on his social media account, and even his ex, Rihanna was sad for what was happening to him.

Regarding Ammika, a lot of people said that she resembles Chris' ex, Karuecche Tran and they said that the man definitely has a type. If he did, there's nothing wrong with that, is it?

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