Chris Brown Hopes To Get Rihanna Back After Hassan Jameel Split -- He Even Has A Plan B

Chris Brown Hopes To Get Rihanna Back After Hassan Jameel Split -- He Even Has A Plan B

Chris Brown, like the rest of the world, learned that Rihanna might have split from her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel.

It did not take Chris very long to make it known that he is still very interested in his ex and would love to get in touch with her.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Rihanna and her beau went their separate ways because he was too controlling.

As soon as he heard of the report, the father on one decided to follow Rihanna on Instagram once more, along with Christina Millian.

A source told Hollywood Life on the matter: “Chris feels a split with Hassan was inevitable. Chris thinks Hassan was from a different world, not the right guy for Rih, and could never understand her the way Chris does. Chris knows in his heart that he and Rihanna belong together. It’s fate.”

The person added: “Rekindling her love with Chris is a lost cause because so much time has passed and so much hurt happened in that relationship. She doesn’t want to return to that time in her life, it’s too painful.”

One fan reacted to the story by saying: "I see Chris read that article about Rihanna being single now cause she grew tired of the old boy. Chris and Rihanna were the best partners either ever had, & if not for being in the public eye they would have reunited. He can’t do nothing without it being some conspiracy smh. He could be doing nothing, and they’ll be something wrong with that."

Another commenter claimed: "Leave him alone...him and Rih should be together again. I hope him and Ri make dope music may even have a dope offspring. He and Christina messed around? Ummm who the hell is sitting around monitoring when people start following people? Man, they got too much time on their hands."

A third person shared: "Leave Rihanna alone. She’s better than you and better without you. When the restraining orders expire. Hope these ladies learned their lesson and leave this woman beater alone. If this ain’t the 500th Time, he followed Rihanna. She ain’t noticing bro. Move tf on!!!"

It is unlikely that Rihanna will get back together with Chris.

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