Chris Brown - Here's What He's Been Doing In Quarantine To Get His Mind Off Missing His Son Aeko!

Chris Brown - Here's What He's Been Doing In Quarantine To Get His Mind Off Missing His Son Aeko!
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Because of the international traveling restrictions put in place amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, Chris Brown and his baby boy Aeko are in quarantine separately! As fans know, the infant is still stuck with his mom, Ammika Harris in Germany and the singer misses him very much.

But, one insider report claims to know how he’s been coping with having him so far away for such a long time and it turns out that he’s been trying his best to remain positive and keep busy.

That being said, the source shared via HollywoodLife what Chris has been up to while in quarantine.

The 4 month old is definitely missed by his loving father but Chris has accepted that there's nothing that he can do about the distance between them for the time being.

‘Chris knows the safest place for Aeko to be right now is with his mom. He'd never want to take that away from Ammika, especially during a time like this. As much as he misses his son, and wants to see him, he also knows Ammika is an amazing mom and that is where Aeko needs to be,’ the insider dished.

Even though it is not in person and he can’t hold him for now, Chris has been seeing little Aeko on FaceTime every single day in addition to Ammika always sending him cute pics and clips of their son.

Chris’ fans are well aware that he misses his baby a lot since he’s been sharing some of these photo and video updates from Ammika on his Instagram account.

Another source also shared with the same news outlet that ‘Chris is dealing with all of this the best way he can. He knows it's all temporary. He likes that his kids have their mothers to hang out with when he cannot be there.’

As for how he's been keeping busy, Chris is pretty active on TikTok these days but he's also been working on his Indigo 'mini movie' as well as on his music, apparently planning on releasing the name of his new album pretty 'soon.'

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