Chris Brown - Here's How He Supposedly Feels About Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Still Being Together

Chris Brown - Here's How He Supposedly Feels About Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Still Being Together
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As fans know, Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have been dating for the past two years or so and they are still going strong! But how does her ex, Chris Brown, who allegedly still hopes they’d rekindle their romance, feel about it?

They did reunite for a bit in 2013, but aside from that brief attempt, Chris and Rihanna haven’t been a couple for ten years!

Rihanna has been dating billionaire Hassan Jameel since June of 2017 and has been keeping their romance very private.

But surprisingly enough, despite many past reports claiming Brown wants Rihanna back, one source tells HollywoodLife that he is totally Okay with her finding love with someone else.

‘They have been in contact, they both have had various romantic thoughts about each other from time to time. But there's clearly been time that's passed to where Chris has to move on and he's moved on. Rihanna's been dating Hassan for a couple of years and Chris is happy if Rihanna's happy,’ the insider shared with HollywoodLife.

They went on to explain that ‘Chris would like to get to a place in which he could be friends with her again and hang out on a more consistent basis, maybe even record more music together. But he knows the romance between him and her is never going to happen again. That ship's sailed. That ship has sunken below the sea! It is over and Chris is OK with it.’

Furthermore, apparently, when Chris sees her dating someone that makes her happy he is happy for her!

The artist wants only the best for his ex and that includes her career and love life and has let go of what they once had.

The man feels like it’s healthier to wish her the best than to either hold a grudge or still dream of reconciliation.


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