Chris Brown - Here's How He Reacted To 50 Cent Mocking His Colorful Hair!

Chris Brown - Here's How He Reacted To 50 Cent Mocking His Colorful Hair!
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The outspoken rapper slammed the singer for his half and half pink and blue hair all the while trying to get him to collab! That being said, how did Chris Brown react to the shade thrown at him by 50 Cent?

The two men have collabed in the past and 50 made it clear that he wanted a redo in a pretty interesting way.

But is there now beef in the way of them working on a new project together?

50 made it very clear that he did not like his colorful hair that seems to have been inspired by Harley Quinn’s iconic pink and blue locks.

However, one insider tells HollywoodLife that Chris is not offended by 50 mocking his style choice.

‘Chris saw 50’s Instagram post and of course he knows 50 was playing around when he threw shade at his hair,’ the source dished via the news outlet.

As you might know, earlier this month, the rapper posted a snap of Chris rocking his experimental two-toned hair and in the caption, he wrote: ‘I’m a need you on this record, 👀but what da f**k you do to your hair blood.LOL.’

The insider went on to explain that ‘That’s the nature of their friendship and they’ve always had this playful banter between each other. Chris and 50 have been friends for years and there’s no beef between them whatsoever. Chris also knows that despite the shade they have mutual respect for each other when it comes to making music and he would definitely consider working on new music with 50 again because Chris knows they always drop hits.’

They stated that 50 will continue to tease Chris over his hair and just joke around with him in general since he knows the singer is cool with it.

It’s all fun between them so the rapper has no reason to be worried a feud between them might arise because of his comments.

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