Chris Brown Helps Tyga Forget About Kylie Jenner Split By Introducing Him To Pretty Girls

Chris Brown Helps Tyga Forget About Kylie Jenner Split By Introducing Him To Pretty Girls
Credit: BET

Chris Brown is helping Tyga heal his broken heart after his split from Kylie Jenner by throwing him lavish parties and introducing him to beautiful girls.

This week, sources close to Miss Jenner confirmed to E!, the network which airs "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," that Tyga has moved out of the mansion that they once called their love nest.

Oddly enough, the rapper did not move too far away from the teenager - he relocated into a bachelor pad just miles away.

The same reliable source confirmed to the network that the father of one has been partying every night with models, video vixens, and groupies hoping to land selfies that will go viral on Instagram.

On Thursday, another source spoke to an entertainment website and revealed that Brown, who is a close friend of Tyga, has been helping him get over Jenner.

The insider revealed that Brown and Tyga will tour together and added: "Don't get it twisted, Chris loves Kylie and her family but Tyga, that's his boy and he'll always have his back.Chris doesn't want him sitting at home crying over Kylie and has invited him to come kick it and even do some performances on 'The Party Tour.'"

"The "Loyal" singer hoped Tyga will have some fun and party a bit and will introduce him to some of the beautiful women he has met while touring.

The source went on to add: "Breezy thinks that the tour life, especially the women, will help Tyga clear his mind while he and Kylie are on the outs."

Another spy shared that deep in his heart he knows Kylie will come back.

The insider confessed: “Tyga is convinced that he will be with Kylie forever. They will break and make up constantly because Tyga honestly believes she can never get better."

Brown and Tyga have been friends for years, their children - King Cairo and Royalty - often have play dates and they have collaborated on hit songs like "Better Wonder Woman," "Ayo," and, of course, "Deuces."


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