Chris Brown Has Found A Way To Make Money Off Rihanna's Back Using This Sultry Photo And Some Fans Are Angry

Chris Brown Has Found A Way To Make Money Off Rihanna's Back Using This Sultry Photo And Some Fans Are Angry
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Chris Brown has been actively following Rihanna on social media, even though their relationship ended in disaster when Brown severely beat his then-girlfriend and hospitalized her in 2009.

The singer was recently spotted commenting under a very sexy Rihanna photo, saying that he "wanted to be the lamp," referring to a lamp that was visible in the lingerie shot.

And as can be expected, many immediately picked up on Brown's comment, and it went viral, quickly turning it into a meme.

It did not take long for Brown himself to respond, however, and it looks like he is trying to take things humorously for the time being and is cashing in at the same time.

Brown announced that he would be selling face lamps, customized with his appearance.

While many took the announcement as a joke, it looks like the R&B star was quite serious, and was already preparing for the significant rollout of his new "line."

However, the exact details of the product are not yet known, including its price.

Some of Brown's fans have jokingly commented that they would gladly buy a lamp from their favorite singer/dancer, though, regardless of how much he decided to charge for it.

However, knowing Brown, he might indeed decide to go quite high with his sale to take advantage of the situation.

After all, he is in a perfect position to get as much as he wants out of this, so he might as well go for it, and he does not seem to be the kind of person to miss out on a chance like that.

However, some people are bashing him for using Rihanna to make money.

One person had this to say: "I don’t even have a lamp, but I want one. Great marketing, haha. That’s sh*t about to sell out like crazy!! 😂"

This critic claimed: "We don’t want them damn lamps. No, thank you! I don’t want to see colorists in my household. I wonder how Ammika feels about this.🤔🤨"

A third social media user wrote: "All of a sudden it's dark in here and I need a lamp😍😍😊._ Don’t he got a whole girl 😂😂 I’m confused.Lmfao He needs to get back with Rihanna already. So this week he back on lamp duty? 😂 gottaGotta this kind of energy when it comes to the girl of ya dreams. 💯🤣"

A critic added: "It’s weird af that Rihanna’s abuser refuses to leave her alone. But it’s funny to y’all."

Brown is a unique character.

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