Chris Brown Gushes Over Ammika Harris With This New Photo

Chris Brown Gushes Over Ammika Harris With This New Photo
Credit: BET

Chris Brown just made sure that his GF Ammika Harris knows that she's loved and he posted a photo of her on his IG story. Check out the pic below.

This comes right after some rumors about these two that have surfaced recently.

It's not a secret anymore that the relationship between Chris and Ammika has been a rollercoaster through the past months, but it looks like the two are back together again.

There have been lots of rumors around them in the last few weeks, and both of them have been doing their best to avoid all kinds of discussions.

Anyway, here's the photo that Chris shared on his social media account.


A follower said: 'Where’s the belly‼ I need to see a bump.'

Somoene else believes the following: 'I’m starting to think he going through something.'

A person shaded Chris and said: 'It's only a matter of time before she gotta throw them boxing gloves on.'

Another commenter wrote: 'how many times ya gonna call her his bm.. sis is clearly not pregnant.😭😭😭'

One other person mentioned something that happened not too long ago: 'He tryna make up for wanting to be a lamp 😩😂😂'

You may recall that Chris commented on an underwear photo of Rihanna , many of her fans egged him on, accusing him of still being into her and trying to draw her attention.


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