Chris Brown Flirts With Jennifer Lopez On Instagram - Will Alex Rodriguez, Drake, And Rihanna Like It?

Chris Brown Flirts With Jennifer Lopez On Instagram - Will Alex Rodriguez, Drake, And Rihanna Like It?
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Chris Brown attempted to flirt with Jennifer Lopez, and the Internet goes wild because the move angered a long list of people including his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, nemesis, Drake, and JLO's current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Maybe Mr. Brown was bored, and he wanted to make headlines or was trying to tell the world that he had a fling with Lopez when they were making sweet music together, for whatever reason - the crooner decided to like a cute picture of the mother of two that she shared on Instagram.

The photo in question featured the triple threat in a hotel room showing off her fashion sense in a pair of ripped jeans and an oversized sweater.

A source close to Lopez, 47, said that she was flattered by the move but has zero interest in Mr. Brown, who is 27 years old because she is head over heels in love with Rodriguez.

The source said: “Jennifer is flattered that Chris liked her pic. She’s way too into Alex [Rodriguez] right now to even think about dating Chris, but it’s still a great ego boost.”

The insider said the gesture from Browm made her laugh because she knows it angered her ex-boyfriend, Drake.

The tipster shared: “She likes to keep Alex on his toes and she knows it’s going to bug the hell out of Drake.It’s a triple win for her.”

A spy with connections to the former baseball ball player said that he finds all of this amusing and added: “This must be comedy hour if anyone thinks Alex [Rodriguez] is threatened or intimidated by Chris [Brown] liking his girl’s picture. Obviously he heard about it and all he did was smile and give two thumbs up. Chris has excellent taste and A-Rod will agree, but there’s no way Breezy will get a free sample of anything Jennifer [Lopez]. Alex is too old, too mature, and too seasoned to get in any sort of drama with Chris.”

Lopez is currently in the Dominican Republic with ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and Rodriguez.

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