Chris Brown Flaunts Massive Weight Loss In New Body Progress Photos After Flirting With Rihanna

Chris Brown Flaunts Massive Weight Loss In New Body Progress Photos After Flirting With Rihanna
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It is not rare for people who are proud of what they have gone through with regards to their bodies and appearance to share time-lapse shots that show exactly what they have accomplished.

And in a recent example, singer Chris Brown seemed to have a lot to show to the world, as he posted several photos showing his progress through the years, starting around 2014 when he came out of jail.

Back then, many of his fans noticed that he had put on some weight, and some were wondering if he had any plans to get back on track.

And indeed, it looks like the crooner not only had such plans but has been working hard to accomplish them as well.

His recent pictures show a lot of visible progress, and his fans have been quick to congratulate him for taking such good care of his body.

Brown himself seems proud of what he has accomplished as well, and while the artist did not say much in the comments under his shots, it was clear that he was in a good place in his head.

Of course, some of the comments inevitably steered in a more negative direction, bringing up the problematic past the star has gone through instead of congratulating him for his progress.

However, for the most part, people have noted that Brown has evolved a lot as a person, and it looks like some of his fans are ready to forgive him for what he has done in the past at this point.

Happy with his new body, Brown has been busy flirting with Rihanna on social media, but a source told Hollywood Life that the beauty mogul only has eyes for Hassan Jameel.

The person claimed: “Rihanna is a woman in love and only has eyes for Hassan. She is still very, very independent, though. Rihanna’s often doing her own thing with her fashion or with her music, but just because she isn’t joined at the hip with Hassan, no one should assume they aren’t committed.”

The insider added: “Rihanna is an artist, and she lives a life that is different than most people, but when it comes to her relationship, she is very loyal, she is traditional that way. She won’t be chatting Chris or communicating with him in any way.”

Brown seems to have put the drama behind him.

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