Chris Brown Finally Moved On -- He Is Happy Rihanna Has Found Love With Hassan Jameel

Chris Brown Finally Moved On -- He Is Happy Rihanna Has Found Love With Hassan Jameel
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It looks like Rihanna has not been skipping leg day in her workouts, and she is proud to show it.

The singer was recently spotted together with her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, wearing a revealing black dress that put a lot of focus on her toned legs.

Many people commented on how stylish she looked in the dress, and her overall style at the event was impeccable.

Interestingly enough, paparazzi could not get a good shot of Rihanna and Hassan together, although plenty of separate pictures of both have been released since the event.

Hassan himself looked quite stylish too, a fitting match for Rihanna.

However, even though most people were hoping to find out more about the relationship between the two, it does not look like they are ready to make things public yet.

Rihanna and Hassan have been very private about their current relationship, and it is not clear if that is temporary or if it will be the status quo around them in the future.

It would not be surprising if they continued to maintain that air of privacy, however.

One thing is noticeable though -- they have been getting along quite well.

It does not look like there are any issues between them so far, at least judging by their public appearances, and Rihanna might have found a good partner for herself at last.

Although, compared to Chris Brown and his beating habits, pretty much anyone can be seen as an improvement in Rihanna’s love life.

A source close to the R&B crooner revealed: "They have been in contact since then, they both have had various thoughts about each other on the romance side of things from time to time. But there has clearly been time that has passed to where Chris has to move on, and he has moved on. Rihanna has been dating Hassan for a few years, and Chris is happy if Rihanna is happy."

The insider stated: "Chris would like to get to a place where he could be more friends with her again and hang out on a more consistent basis and even record more music together. But he knows the romance between him and her is never going to happen again. That ship has sailed, that ship has docked. That ship has sunken below the sea! It’s over, and Chris is OK with it."

Hopefully, she does not go back to dating negative people and continues to explore the positive side of her life.

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