Chris Brown Compares His Kids' Baby Pics With His Own And They Look Like Triplets!

Chris Brown Compares His Kids' Baby Pics With His Own And They Look Like Triplets!
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Chris Brown has some strong genes! The proud father took to his social media to show off just how much his two kids look alike even though they have different mothers!

As fans know, Chris’ daughter is 5 while his son is only 3 months old but he shared two pics of them both as babies so that it becomes clear how much they resemble each other.

And since he’s their dad, it also means they’re his spitting image as well!

The singer also put a throwback baby pic of himself as a side by side and sure enough, both Royalty and Aeko look so much like him.

Stumbling upon the comparison pics, fans could not believe their eyes – it’s like multiple pics of the same baby!

The first snap was a side by side of Brown and baby Aeko.

Baby Chris Brown can be seen looking up at the camera with big brown eyes and pretty much the same facial features as his infant son and it’s so adorable!

The second image compares Aeko with his older sister Royalty and they also look like twins!

It also goes to show how much she’s been growing up in the last few years.

Nowadays, she looks so big compared to her baby picture.

Fans kept commenting about them looking like ‘twins’ but also being ‘beautiful!’

However, there was also a hater who accused him of posting it because people are speculating that Aeko is not his.

In his defense, a follower wrote: ‘you don’t got nothing to prove we know he yours lol.’

Well, obviously not everyone knows that given the rumors spreading around!

Chris has been very involved in his son’s life but at this time, Aeko and his mom are living in Germany together.

One source previously shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Ammika is not living with Chris currently and she is still in Germany at this point with Aeko. It is unsure when she will come back to the states, but she's constantly in communication with Chris. Ammika's always talking with Chris over FaceTime with Aeko, she's texting, sending pics and videos, etc so Chris is still very involved in his son’s life and knows what is going on with him and Ammika at all times.’


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