Chris Brown Assaults A Photographer At Florida Nightclub

Chris Brown Assaults A Photographer At Florida Nightclub
Source: TheHollywoodReporter

Chris Brown is in some serious trouble again. In the early hours of Monday morning, the photographer Bennie L. Vines had suffered a damaged lip and is bound to take legal action against the famous rapper and singer.

Bennie is a photographer who works for Club Aja, a nightclub in Tampa, Florida. It's the man's job to walk around the venue to take pictures of clients while they're in the nightclub.

Chris Brown allegedly attacked the man after he took a photo of Chris and his friends. The rapper and singer were paid to attend and promote the club.

Once officers had arrived, Mr. Brown had already left the venue, and Mr. Vines had suffered lacerations to his lip, and he refused medical attention. The investigation is ongoing. Club Aja issued a statement apologizing for the incident that night.

The statement read, "Dear patrons: Incidents like the ones caused by Chris Brown and his team are very sad to see. As everyone witnessed he showed up to the club around 1:30 am. After only a few minutes of being there, Chris Brown and his team assaulted our club photographer and proceeded to walk out of the venue."

The statement said assault charges were pressed against the singer and they appreciate the understanding and support of their customers.

Several customers at the club caught the incident on camera, showing Brown and his team getting upset in a back corner with the DJ trying to calm the man down.

Shortly after, Brown was spotted hurrying out of the venue.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, Brown has been in several physical altercations in the past.

Chris pleaded guilty in 2014 for hitting one of his fans who had tried to get a picture of him, and last summer he was investigated for assault with a deadly weapon. In 2009, he was famously arrested for beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

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