Chris Brown And His Son, Aeko Are Twinning In Matching Hoodies

Chris Brown And His Son, Aeko Are Twinning In Matching Hoodies
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It's been revealed that Chris Brown eventually reunited with Ammika Harris and their son, Aeko. Fans were beyond happy to see the family photo, and they made sure to shower them with love.

Now, Chris posted a photo on his IG stories in which he's together with his baby boy, Aeko.

These two are twining in matching hoodies, and fans cannot have enough of the baby boy.

Some fans addressed the ring that Chris is wearing on his left hand.

A follower said: 'Said what you said, but that baby really looks like him period 😍' and someone else posted this message: 'It’s the wedding ring for me 😍.'

Someone else posted this: 'that’s not a wedding ring 💀,' and a commenter said: 'he’s explained in an interview a while back that’s he’s married to himself.'

A commenter said: 'lol, he always wears it when he’s around her 😂 are they only married in Germany,' and another follower posted this message: 'he got that ring years ago...he said he married himself, he actually has 2 and wears both on each hand sometimes.'

A fan said: 'Y’all scream twins at anything. This little boy looks like Ammika and has Chris's nose,' and someone else believes: 'I’m sorry, but that child looks nothing like him 💀.'

A diehard fan said this: 'if you say that's not his baby, please educate yourself on genetics and how certain things can SKIP generations. 🥰 just because Chris's hair isn't light brown like Aeko's doesn't mean it isn't his son.'

Chris Brown  definitely made his fans’ day after he dropped a family photo on his social media account. Check out Ammika Harris and Aeko with Chris, finally reunited!


Also, Chris‘ baby mama shared some new pics  in which she is flaunting a black dress. She looks amazing, and she is literally glowing from within. Check out the  pics .

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