Chris Brown Already Getting Over Ammika Harris In New Relationship With Indyamarie -- Here Is Why Some Are Reluctant To Celebrate

Chris Brown Already Getting Over Ammika Harris In New Relationship With Indyamarie -- Here Is Why Some Are Reluctant To Celebrate
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It does not look like Chris Brown's last relationship meant that much to the singer, as reports indicate that he has already managed to move on and has been dating Indyamarie, a model, and has reportedly been quite happy with her.

While reports from the new couple remain far and in between, it does seem like Brown has no issues with this particular relationship, and has been motivated to push it forward even further.

It is worth noting that the two have known each other for a while before deciding to start dating, but were out of touch for some time.

They have reconnected recently, which prompted their decision to get together and start dating.

It is not clear if this relationship has any serious long-term prospects or if it is a brief fling for one (or both) of them, but at least things are looking calm on that front for now.

Meanwhile, some have been critical of Indyamarie for dating Brown after his past scandals.

The R&B crooner still holds a very negative reputation in many circles due to the heavy beating he gave to his former girlfriend, Rihanna, and it does not look like some people are going to forget anytime soon.

Many have distanced themselves from him as a result of his actions, while others have announced their intention to never work with him in the future.

At the same time, Brown himself does not seem to regret his actions and has continued to focus on his career through the years, attempting to put the past behind him.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Chris is totally falling for Indya. They reconnected recently on the set of his video, and they have been inseparable ever since."

The insider added: "He thinks she is pretty, sexy, smart and funny. They have amazing chemistry together, and he has liked her for a long time. They have known each other for years, but the timing has never been right until now. He enjoys spending time with her and hasn't felt this strongly about someone since Rihanna. He feels like he is falling in love again and he likes it."

However, a friend of Brown is less enthusiastic about the hookup and revealed: "Friends are warning Indy to be careful with Chris. They fear that she is falling in love with him and worry about his bad boy past. Those close to Indy don't want to see her get hurt or heartbroken by Chris."

Do you think this new relationship will last?

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