Chip Gaines’ Former Partners Compare Him To Kris Jenner In Lawsuit Documents!

Chip Gaines’ Former Partners Compare Him To Kris Jenner In Lawsuit Documents!

According to former Magnolia Realty Partners, Chip Gaines is just as hungry for money and fame as Kris Jenner!

John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark sued the 42 years old Chip and his 39 years old Joanna for defrauding them of millions!

The court documents reveal that the reality TV stars kept their HGTV deal secret and made the men sell their shares in Magnolia Realty for just $2,500! Days later, the show was announced!

Lewis and Clark now claim that they would have never sold the shares for such a small amount of money if they would have been aware of Fixer Upper.

Just before Fixer Upper premiered in 2013, Chip transferred the business to himself and pressured his partners into signing the necessary paperwork in a matter of days to make sure the deal would clear in time for the show.

Besides, Chip allegedly threatened the plaintiffs by claiming “he would start a competing real estate brokerage firm and would take Magnolia Realty’s sole real estate agent, Doug Eastland, with him.”

The men claimed that Gaines’ plan was to capitalize on their Fixer Upper fame and turn the business into an empire – just like Kris Jenner did!

According to the upset men, he even wanted to base his reality show on the Kardashian-Jenner format.

Gaines wrote in an email from before the show premiered that his favorite title for it was ‘Keeping Up With the Gaines,’ “for obvious reasons.”

This is not the only lawsuit pending. One fan even sued the couple for getting hurt at the Magnolia Silos.

Meanwhile, their neighbor also sued them over a fence.

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  • Tina Bibles
    Tina Bibles Apr 29, 2017 12:13 PM PDT

    We love our neighbors Chip & Joanna here in Waco & surrounding areas. Hater & takers come out the wood work wanting a piece of the pie. Move on that is their dream and accomplishments get you own money hungry is what you are. Shout Out From Waco, Tx Keep up the good work.

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