Chip And Joanna Gaines Open Up About Their Past Business Struggles And Reveal What Made Them Persevere!

Chip And Joanna Gaines Open Up About Their Past Business Struggles And Reveal What Made Them Persevere!
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The famous married couple is doing great as far as their career is concerned but things were not always like this! Just like most people, they struggled a lot when starting out their own business.

Now, during a video interview for Salesforce's Stories of Resilience, Chip and Joanna opened up about their struggles and what got them and their Magnolia empire through all those hard times.

Joanna dished that ‘When I think back, I remember moments Chip and I would look at one another and think, 'Are we going to make it?' And not seeing the end. Not understanding you could get through it. We'd look at each other and say, 'Do we bail and get out of dodge?' That seems much easier than having to actually figure out how do we make it through this?’

Obviously, the two never gave up and just kept fighting for their dream.

Apparently, part of the reason why they managed to prevail was the man’s unwavering optimism.

Joanna went on to say that ‘Chip and his family have had this thing that 'Gaines never quit.' And so he would say, 'Jo, we are not going to quit. We are going to make it through this.’ … I did the books, saw the numbers and could not see a way out and I remember thinking, 'OK.' We'd look at each other every night and say, 'We are not quitting. We are gonna do this.' Something about that level of commitment even when it felt so hard, I believe it helped me just to know quitting isn't an option.’

She mentioned that during those hard moments of weakness, they were able to learn each other’s strengths.

While she admits that she would see the glass half empty, her husband would see it half full and that wall she needed to gain some more confidence that they could actually do it!

Of course, things did not change for the better overnight but now, looking back, she is definitely glad they did not give up.


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