Chip And Joanna Gaines Get Candid About The Tough Times They Endured Before Fixer Upper

Chip And Joanna Gaines Get Candid About The Tough Times They Endured Before Fixer Upper
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Chip and Joanna Gaines are getting candid about the tough times they endured before Fixer Upper and building their Magnolia empire.

The couple spoke at INBOUND, an annual conference held by HubSpot in Boston earlier this week discussing their road to success. It was not easy for the Gaines family. At one point things were so bleak, both Chip and Joanna thought they would lose it all.

"The four or five years before we did the show when the housing crisis hit, things were so hard for us. For four or five years every Friday, we were saying, 'Are we gonna make it?'" Joanna revealed.

Those days are long behind the famous couple. However, Joanna is thankful they never threw in the towel because the hardships helped teach them valuable lessons.

"We kept pressing through, even in those hard times. The value of what we learned in that is something I'd never want to do again, but I'd never not want that. The hard is what makes us appreciate this," the mother of five shared with the crowd.

It was not only the lean times that taught the Gaines' life lessons. They both acknowledged working side by side with a spouse or partner is not an easy task. The HGTV show might have made them look like the perfect couple, who only occasionally squabbles but that is not true.

"This is a very hard thing to do, to work together with someone you also have a relationship and a family with. We definitely disagree. It's not perfect. But for Jo and I, it really is a special bond we're extremely proud of. We work really well together," Chip shared with the enthusiastic audience.

The famous couple, who is set to launch their own network next year, admitted they learned early on they are better working together. Chip declared the two are stronger and more powerful together than apart.

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have managed to build a successful business together. It hasn't been easy. There were times financially and, in their marriage, the couple was not sure they would survive the hard times.

Fives kids later and a thriving Magnolia empire, they are couple goals and business goals. Joanna left the conference attendees with a bit of positive advice that is good for everyone.

"We all have a gift that we have to offer to the world. The sooner you know and believe it, the better," she revealed.


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