Chip And Joanna Gaines Announce They Are Opening A Hotel - Check Out The Video!

Chip And Joanna Gaines Announce They Are Opening A Hotel - Check Out The Video!
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It sounds like Chip and Joanna Gaines are on their way to expanding their empire even more! The Fixer Upper stars announced in a press release that their next project is a huge one!

That’s right, they are apparently opening a hotel! How exciting!

The building is set to be open for guests in Waco, Texas and it’s the 53,000 square-foot Grand Karem Shrine that is actually really close to another one their businesses - the Magnolia Market.

The property built in 1928 was bought by the married couple last year and is expected to have its grand opening in 2021!

Since their very job is to fix up properties and make them just amazing to live in, the idea that fans of the show would be able to visit and sleep a night or two in one of their creations is, without a doubt, very exciting!

In the press release, Chip and Joanna said that ‘Home is a feeling, created by and also for the people that you love and share your life with; it is a state of being known as well as loved just as you are. That's our dream for this hotel. That it would serve as an extension of the way we feel about our home and all that it means to us, and that every single guest who comes to stay would experience the same sense of belonging and community.’

The hotel will be featuring a massive ballroom, which it already has, a restaurant on the ground floor, and a café and terrace on the roof.

Finally, it also has three stories of rooms for the guests to check in.

Are you excited to check out the finished project?


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