Chill Rasheeda Frost Warns Cheating Kirk's Critics Not To Rain On Their Parade As They Celebrate 19 Years Together With Sweet Video Featuring Kandi Burruss

Chill Rasheeda Frost Warns Cheating Kirk's Critics Not To Rain On Their Parade As They Celebrate 19 Years Together With Sweet Video Featuring Kandi Burruss
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Boss Chic Rasheeda Frost is happily celebrating her 19th anniversary and has no time for the haters and their mean comments about cheating Kirk Frost.

Tuesday evening, the mother of two took to social media, and she shared a cute video where she is watching a basketball game with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

Rasheeda made it clear that she did not want to hear about the fact that Kirk had an affair with Jasmine Washington and they share a baby boy named Kannon.

Rasheeda wrote: "Happy 19 year anniversary @frost117 keep the comments to yourself ? #chillnight."

One fan said: "All the negativity from all the ppl that can't keep a relationship at all. Women will endure all kinds of disrespect to be able to say they been married for a long time. Any who looking good Rasheeda happy to see you happy boo ??? and candy girl bye......."

A critic replied: "19 years of being boo boo the fool! ??! Just like she keeps tryna get us to believe she’s only 35!!! ? 19 years of lies and looking like a whole clown ? she knew to turn her comments off so I’m just here for the shade room comment ? 19 years of having to look at those B2K cubic zirconia earrings full of lies and deceit.She knew them comments were going to be reckless!! Just turn your comments off sis and enjoy your anniversary! We know you ain’t leaving him!"

Another person wrote: "We must buy Kirk a smile!! I think this is more of a business relationship she ain’t no stupid. She doesn’t want to give him $$ after divorce. Plus I bet they sleep in different rooms."

This supporter claimed: "Haters are going to hate. You guys will not send Congrats. Some of all of you so miserable ? you cannot even get 19 minutes, 19 hours, 19 days, 19 weeks or 19 months. So, 19 years is not also in your future. Love that you and Kirk are still going strong for (19) years. @rasheedadabosschick CONGRATS. Half of yall don't have the first boyfriend but speaking on somebody marriage... how that work?"

Rasheeda seems carefree.

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  • A.Mallett
    A.Mallett Dec 19, 2018 2:00 PM PST

    I am so proud of how u stayed true to urself, A BOSS WOMEN u r. Happy Holiday to u and FAMILY. Peace nd Love

    LENARD Dec 19, 2018 1:24 PM PST

    Rasheeda and Kirk just do you be happy let the bitter people stay salty ...Happy for you two embrace the positive brush off the negativity .... For those bashing her leave her alone

  • Maria Kines
    Maria Kines Dec 19, 2018 10:04 AM PST

    Rasheeda, all I know is I've spent 25 years in marriage to my husband. Marriage ain't easy but God is in charge of it. It's His idea, not ours. God's example to me was, Israel cheated on Him with other gods & God kept on dealing with them & grafted the Gentiles in. In other words, God forgives & so can we!

  • Mary Vessie
    Mary Vessie Dec 19, 2018 8:25 AM PST

    Happy Anniversary. We Love You

  • Mrs. Adams
    Mrs. Adams Dec 19, 2018 7:40 AM PST

    God bless you both. Rasheeda I don't believe in divorce. You doing good by not letting people get to you. God can fix all things. People is going to talk regardless. So what if people don't know and assume they need to be quiet. You continue to do what you doing to please God not people. Just because you working things out don't mean you weak. It mean you are wiser and mature and you and Kirk was meant to be. People are just jealous that is. People see this happen once but really don't know if its true. Just spreading rumors cause they heard. Don't entertain people. Why they all in your business God done all ready worked it out. You are role model and a very successful woman. Talk to God and continue to be the queen you are. Hold you head up you and Kirk. God got this. Nobody mad but miserable don't have other things to do. Happy anniversary to the frost and may God continue to bless your family.

  • B-More
    B-More Dec 19, 2018 6:59 AM PST

    Rasheeda keep doing you.

  • Angelee Black
    Angelee Black Dec 19, 2018 6:54 AM PST

    Rasheeda your a real boss lady, Kirk know he made a mistake , he knows what he have in his hands" hes not going to lose that, they strong company" stay strong couple love the T.V. show,Stay Blessed!!!

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