Children's Happiness Kept T.I. And Tiny Together -- The Divorce Is Now An Old Story

Children's Happiness Kept T.I. And Tiny Together -- The Divorce Is Now An Old Story

All about the children - that is why T.I and Tiny will never get a divorce.

After seven months of mudslinging, Tiny decided it was time to reconcile with her husband.

The diva was the one who filed for divorce in the winter of 2016.

Some sources have come out to say that the power couple stayed together because the rapper pulled all the stops during their recent trips to Saint Lucia and The Bahamas.

While other insiders claimed the sex is so amazing - that T.I. had to let go of the side chicks like Bernice Burgos.

However, a family friend claimed the Xscape singer would never tear her children from their father.

While Tiny will blast T.I. for his infidelities and refusing to change his "bad boy" lifestyle; she knows that he is a great dad and baby Heiress is the apple of his eyes.

Tiny is a mother of four and with the ATL actor they raised a total of seven beautiful children together.

She does not want to cause them any pain by having a bitter custody battle.

The chatty friend said: “Tiny is really over her marriage from TIP, and the real reason why she is downright scared of divorcing him is because she does not want to put her children through an emotional roller coaster. TIP is so controlling, even with the kids. He thinks he is the smartest man on earth who knows everything and believes that what he says goes.”

The insider went on to explain: “The last thing Tiny wants to do is fight TIP for custody and visitation, and she certainly doesn’t want the kids to have to choose who they want to be with more. Had it not been for her children, she would have gotten rid of TIP years ago.”

It was recently revealed that TIP wooed his wife with a romantic gesture.

The source claimed: “T.I. surprised Tiny while they were in LA with a night at the Bel Air hotel, just the two of them. He rented the presidential suite, so they had their private pool. They had couples massages and dinner on their private terrace. He filled the room with red roses and had her favorite Ace Of Spades champagne waiting for her.”

With a little help from their hot friend, Blac Chyna, T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Harris will last a very long time.

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