Child Services Is Forcing Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Back To Court

Child Services Is Forcing Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Back To Court

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's custody battle continues! According to the latest reports Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family services are now involved in the calamitous relationship between the two reality stars.

The government department asked questions regarding the safety of Rob and Chyna's ten-month-old daughter, Dream.

The DCFS (Department of Child And Family Services) launched an inquiry into Chyna's parenting skills due to alleged drug abuse not long before Rob and Chyna's breakup.

Judges are currently in the process of determining as to whether or not the child is living in habitable conditions.

As CI readers know , this isn't the first time Rob and Chyna have brought their drama to the courts.

The executive branch of the state government granted Chyna a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend over the summer after the reality star and Arthur Sock designer posted explicit images of the Lashed Bar owner on Instagram and Twitter.

Fans of the two reality stars will remember Rob was the victim of widespread disparagement all over social media, as many people thought it was downright petty.

The breakdown of their relationship necessitated the government to step in and mediate.

The DCFS's investigation results are unknown at the moment, but Chyna appears to be in good health as she has posted several photos on Instagram of herself and Dream.

The single mother just celebrated her baby's 10-month-birthday this last weekend. It appeared to be a good weekend in Chyna's home, as the reality star and her other son with Tyga, King Cairo, celebrated with Dream through dancing and face painting.

With that said, just because things appear to be going great on social media doesn't necessarily make it so, as often appearances are deceptive. Either way, we wish Blac and Rob figure this whole mess out sooner rather than later!


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