'Chicago Fire' Spoilers: Executive Producer Teases Who Survived And Reveals Cast Shake-Ups

'Chicago Fire' Spoilers: Executive Producer Teases Who Survived And Reveals Cast Shake-Ups
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Derek Haas, Executive Producer and Co-Creator of the NBC show Chicago Fire , part of the Chicago trilogy ( Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. are the others), has revealed that there will be some cast shake-ups this season. And, fans are dying to know what exactly that means when it comes to last season’s cliffhanger.

When season five ended, several major characters were stuck inside of a burning building. Casey, Severide, Mouch, Herrmann, Otis, and Kidd all had questionable futures when the finale faded to black.

Haas told Hollywood Life that fans will find out within the first minutes of the season premiere, just what the fate of those characters will be.

“Within the first five minutes. It’s going to pick up literally from where Gabby was looking at that front doorway that was all a flame,” said Haas.

“The teaser is going to extend that scene, and you’re going to see the desperation of Boden and Cruz. Then the events will play out, and we’ll do a time jump to a couple of months later.”


However, not all of the characters will be coming back for Season 6. But, Haas won’t say who specifically won’t be back or why because he doesn’t like spoilers.

But, he does like to tweet. Haas has been on Twitter all summer teasing a character called Mr. Sprinkles. That character won’t appear until episode four, and Haas says he may have hyped up the character a little too much.

Haas did reveal that Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) does survive the finale fire, and will be back to his bad boy ways when it comes to love this season.

A new character will also be added that could be a new love interest for Severide. Eloise Mumford will be playing Hope, a small-town girl arriving in the big city. Haas also said that the theme of the upcoming season will be “internal firehouse family conflicts.”


Another change this season will be a change in time slot. The show will now air on Thursdays.

Plus, only six episodes will air until the football hiatus, which could set up another cliffhanger.

Season 6 of Chicago Fire premieres Thursday, September 28 on NBC, check out the teaser below.

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  • Margie
    Margie Sep 27, 2017 7:42 PM PDT

    Mr Haas may find that no one is watching if he keeps screwing around with the show.

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