Chet Hanks Has A Huge Crush On Adele - Publicly Begs Her To Call Him In This Video!

Chet Hanks Has A Huge Crush On Adele - Publicly Begs Her To Call Him In This Video!
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It sounds like Adele ’s bathing suit pic is making serious victims, the most obvious being Tom Hanks’ son, Chet, who is pretty much begging the singer to call him! Chet Hanks took to social media to share a video in which he was shooting his shot while using a Jamaican accent.

Of course, the accent part was all a reference to the fact that in that viral Adele pic, she was sporting a bathing suit top that had the Jamaican flag on it as well as Bantu knot braids!

As it turns out, that was more than enough to make Chet crush on Adele pretty intensely and now, he’s begging her to give him a call.

The clip starts with the 30 year old man in the front seat of his truck, listening to Adele’s song Set Fire to the Rain, moving his head and making emotional facial expressions while singing along.

Fans know that Chet is a huge fan of Jamaica and he even speaks a broken Patois language using the accent.

And since Adele showed love to the country as well by rocking that bikini top and the braids, Chet thought that addressing her in the clip using the distinct accent, would bring them closer together since they already have the love of Jamaica in common.

‘I see the picture one day, it sweep me. I no tell no lie my girl, hairstyle fit ya. Big up yourself,’ he told Adele via the camera.

Then he motioned to his phone, suggesting that he is waiting for a call from the singer!

In the caption, Chet wrote: ‘@theshaderoom PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ADELE TO HIT MY LINE ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO TALK TO HER ABOUT SOMETHING [Jamaican flag emojis.]’

It appears that Chet Hanks was asking the well known celebrity site but also anyone else on the internet to tweet and DM Adele about his crush so the news would reach her.

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