Cheryl Cole Makes First Public Apperance Since Giving Birth

Cheryl Cole Makes First Public Apperance Since Giving Birth

That post baby body seems to come together so much quicker for celebrities. Sometimes good genes are what accounts for it, others know that something like added assistance, a nutritionist and a trainer are what really get a body back into tip top form. Cheryl, formerly Cole, stepped out in her first appearance since the birth of her first born son to support a charity thrown for the victims of the Grenfell tower fire.

The TV personality and pop star looked lean and svelte in red trousers and a high-low crop top. Her son Bear, was born in March. Her boyfriend and Bear's father is Liam Payne from the widely popular boy band One Direction.

Interestingly enough, Cheryl was actually a judge on the hit reality talent show X-Factor, when Payne auditioned as a teenager. He obviously got very far and ultimately was picked for the group that later became a worldwide sensation.

Cheryl gets some flack in the media for this peculiar pairing. Of age now, at 24, he is 12 years younger than girlfriend and mother of his child. Cheryl ended a toxic marriage right before getting together with Payne and technically doesn't use the last name Cole legally anymore.

She has been accused of being a bit of a new-aged cougar for her relationship with Payne. When she became pregnant with his child, rumblings only increased.

But all the talk doesn't seem to phase either one of them. They have a healthy 5-month-old baby boy and seem to be very much in love. Payne calls Cheryl “superwoman” and openly praises her in interviews.

It's odd to think that the 15-year-old boy that auditioned in front of her years ago would wind up being the mother of his child. But stranger things have happened.

When asked what brought Cheryl out to the event, she gave a very heartfelt response to the tragedy of the fire and all the lives lost and injuries sustained.

She even had an impromptu reunion with her ex-Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts on the pitch. Seems like motherhood is suiting her.


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