Cheryl Burke Announces Official Return To 'Dancing With The Stars' – Watch The Fun Video!

Cheryl Burke Announces Official Return To 'Dancing With The Stars' – Watch The Fun Video!

It’s official, Cheryl Burke is back! The woman’s return to the hit show, Dancing with the Stars was announced today on Good Morning America.

‘I am back again! Last year I danced with Ryan Lochte, but it has been a season that I have missed so far. This is my 20th season, and I am just so happy to be back. It is an anniversary season for Dancing With the Stars -- season 25 -- and for me,’ Burke stated.

Asked about the changes that have occurred on the show ever since she first appeared on it in season two, the woman claimed much isn’t the same.

From music, lighting, creativity, the production value in general – everything has improved!

She went on to argue that the routines she used to do in seasons two and three aren’t going to cut it this season.

The expectations are bigger, and the stakes are higher, but the dancer is determined to win the mirror ball trophy no matter what.

The 33-year-old also took to social media to share her excitement about the return with her loyal fans.

During season 23, which is the last time she competed on the dancing show, she came in seventh place.

Meanwhile, the last season she did not compete as she pursued other projects such as her Love on the Floor tour and Dance Moms.

She managed to win the trophy in season two with Drew Lachey as well as in season three with Elliott.

Are you excited to see her back on Dancing with the Stars?


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