Cher Says If Republicans Win "We're Not America" Anymore

Cher Says If Republicans Win "We're Not America" Anymore

Cher wants Donald Trump to lose control of the House of Representatives tonight. According to the superstar, punishment is necessary for some of his alleged actions, including lying, promoting hatred, and separating families at the border.

Last night, the Mama Mia alum appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews and revealed precisely why she chose to vote Democrat rather than Republican.

The 72-year-old claims the president uses "hate" and "fear" for political gain, alluding to the birther scandal where the Republican establishment and media accused Barack Obama of actually being a Muslim born in Kenya. It is purported that the birther-scandal -  which began in 2008 -  was an act of racism, rather than a legitimate concern whether Obama was a naturalized citizen or not.

Referring to the migrant crisis scandal during the summer months of 2018, Cher said, "then I don't understand how we're America anymore," if Trump doesn't face consequences for the actions of his administration.

Furthermore, Matthews probed the iconic singer about the head of state and his relationship with women, pointing out the way in which the president scored 52% of the female white vote in 2016.

Cher said she doesn't have a clue as to how Trump got that many women to vote for him. According to her, he's a "misogynist," and he is working toward repealing things she has fought for since she was a "young woman."

As for why she thinks women voted for him, Cher thinks other women maybe thought he was mysterious or "very kind of sexy or something." The singer applauded him for his acting, claiming that no one can tell when he's lying or telling the truth.

In the latest election cycle, Cher claims to have driven people out on buses to vote in cities in the states of Florida, North Dakota, and Georgia. She said it was a "matter of life and death."

Cher went on to say that she has been through 13 Presidencies in her lifetime, and never has it been so important. The star accused the current administration of having atrocious views on climate change, gun control, and other crucial issues.

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