Cher Drags Madonna In Old Resurfaced Interview - Calls Her Nemesis ‘Rude’ And ‘Not Beautiful!’ 

Cher Drags Madonna In Old Resurfaced Interview - Calls Her Nemesis ‘Rude’ And ‘Not Beautiful!’ 
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Cher was definitely not a big fan of Madonna back in the day and one newly resurfaced interview proves that! The footage is from 1991 and features Cher talking about her longtime enemy and not holding anything back!

She jokingly labeled Madonna as her ‘best friend’ in that throwback interview before adding that the other woman was ‘not beautiful’ and ‘not unbelievably talented!’ Yikes!

At the time, she was a guest on Wogan, a British talk show hosted by Terry Wogan.

Since their rivalry was well known, the host did not hesitate to ask Cher about Madonna.

‘Do you go jogging just like Madonna to keep fit?’ Wogan not so subtly brought the other pop star into the discussion for some good ole drama!

In response, Cher said: ‘Well, you mean like my best friend, Madonna?’

As you can imagine, the live studio audience could not help but laugh out loud hearing the mocking tone that seemingly shaded both Madonna and the host for randomly mentioning her.

‘I thought it was a subtle way to drag her in,’ Wogan argued, defensively.

‘How about dragging her in by her hair?’ Cher savagely suggested..

The host kept on, asking Cher to confirm that she wasn’t very ‘keen on Madonna.’

Cher stated that ‘it’s really gotten to be so blown out of proportion. When I was in America, someone said to me, ‘What do you think about her?’ I said, ‘She’s unbelievably creative…. because in my day, I was pretty good at doing the same thing that she’s doing, but she does it so much better. She’s unbelievably creative because she’s not unbelievably talented, she’s not beautiful, but she’s kind of, she’s rude.’

Cher did note that in reality, she did not have anything against Madonna and that she actually had a lot of respect for her.

She did, however, not retract her statement that the other star was rude!

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