Chelsea Houska’s Ex Adam Lind Tests Positive For Drug Use Before Child Visitation!

Chelsea Houska’s Ex Adam Lind Tests Positive For Drug Use Before Child Visitation!

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has been claiming for a long time that he’s changed his ways and started anew. However, he always finds himself in trouble with the law, regardless! This time, however, he might have hit an entirely new low!

Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy was recently tested for meth and amphetamines in a routine drug test, and it turned out positive!

The test was court mandated as part of his custody battle with his second baby mama Taylor Halbur.

According to sources close to the reality TV stars, Lind failed the drug test about a couple of weeks ago. He was set to visit his 3-year-old daughter Paislee at the time.

The insiders also claimed that Houska is taking the drug problem with outmost seriousness.

“Chelsea is going to enforce the court’s order that Adam’s visits with Aubree be strictly supervised,” the source explained.

As fans of the show may already know, Lind is allowed to visit his oldest daughter once every two weekends under the strict supervision of his parents. However, it turns out that he’s spent time with Aubree alone a few times too. Now that the drug bombshell was revealed, Houska may never let him the little girl by himself!

“She will not turn a blind eye to his behavior!”

Adam Lind may be the biggest troublemaker on Teen Mom ever!

Not only has he been arrest for DUI multiple times but at least two of his former girlfriends requested restraining orders against him due to his alleged violent behavior.

Besides, both Halbur and Houska have sued him for not paying child support.

In 2014, his ex at the time, Jessica Nicole claimed Lind abused anabolic steroids as well. He, however, denied it.

What do you think about Adam Lind using drugs around his kids? Should he not be allowed visitations anymore?


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