Cheer Star La'Darius Marshall Is Safe After Posting Frightening Message -- Receive Support From Co-Stars

Cheer Star La'Darius Marshall Is Safe After Posting Frightening Message -- Receive Support From Co-Stars
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Cheer star La'Darius Marshall worried fans today when he took to Instagram and posted a frightening message. His Instagram has been updated with a photo of him with what seems to be someone who cares for him.

La'Darius won over he hearts of Cheer on Netflix viewers with his personality and talent. Although the show found massive success, Marshall was forced to recall the past sexual abuse that he suffered as a child.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the clear racial injustices happening every day, it's hard to keep positive. You never know what a person is going through -- especially those who may appear happy all the time.

Marshall posted a short soundless video of himself and wrote a caption that spoke about how he is portrayed and feeling broken.


'Message to my people: Ladarius Marshall is floating away, going away, fading away. I have hurt people, I have loved people, and I have given all I am to few people. Some people are strong enough to make it in the end but my fight stops here. I have loved so much that when something falls away it takes a piece of me with it. What’s left of me is nothing, I’m empty. I hope that when you think of me that you think of positive things that I have brought into your life. Painting a picture to seem happy isn’t the way to go for me anymore. I am not what my media shows. I’m a broken kid who has lost his fight, his battle, and his war. Carry on with life, but keep me in your memories. I love each and every single one of you guys. I hope that God shows you the way. Hurt people hurt people, and I’m tired of hurting people. It’s ok I’ll be smiling wherever I’m going. I have Given up this time.'


Immediately, followers offered beautiful words of how much he meant to them. Many commented the national suicide prevention hotline.

His co-stars, along with multiple celebrities, took to his comment section to uplift him with kind words.

As hours passed, the worry to know if La'Darius was okay grew as fans asked his co-stars if they've heard from him.

Thursday night, the cheerleader appeared in a photo with a woman who reassured fans he's safe and will get the help that he needs.

Hopefully, La'Darius is able to take care of himself and put his mental health first.

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