Check Out What Demi Rose Really Thinks About Kylie Jenner After Dating Tyga

Check Out What Demi Rose Really Thinks About Kylie Jenner After Dating Tyga

Tyga's gorgeous ex-girlfriend Demi Rose is sharing her thoughts on Kylie Jenner. Check out what exactly she thinks of the young makeup mogul because you might be a bit surprised.

Tyga and Kylie separated back in 2016 their fans were quite angry to discover that in no time he started to go out with another beauty, Demi Rose.

Even if their romance was short lived, Demi quickly became a name to watch out for. For instance, just recently she was spotted while partying with Drake!

Now the model is sharing her thoughts on the girl that she has always been compared to when she was going out with the rapper, Kylie Jenner.

'I respect her and never said anything bad about her,' Demi recently told the Daily Mail about Kylie.

'There are no bad vibes between us I think. People will always hate on me, I guess. I don’t let the negativity get to me; it never gets to me. I’m so happy, and I get more love than I ever have online.'

Demi also confessed just how big an impact dating Tyga had on her public profile.

'I was quite known before I even met him [Tyga]. But I’m still referred to as Tyga’s ex.'

She confessed that they still talk to each other every once in a while.

Demi also talked about how she fought an eating disorder during her teenage years, and after that, the whole struggle brought her weight down to a shocking 81 lbs.

'I had a curvy figure at the age of 16, and I wanted to lose a load of weight, so I went through a period of getting so skinny and putting myself on a strict diet. I was so unhappy and I hated my body,' Demi confessed during the interview.

'One day I woke up and realized I had to get better for myself. I started going to the gym, eating normally, and now I am so confident with my body.' We are really happy to hear that she is now ok with the way she looks and healthy at the same time.

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