Check Out The Salaries Of Stars Like Kylie Jenner And Mindy Kaling - You Won't Believe It!

Check Out The Salaries Of Stars Like Kylie Jenner And Mindy Kaling - You Won't Believe It!
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When you're at the top of your game, not only is money a non-issue, you're practically swimming in it, with some obvious exceptions of course. The public is always curious as to what their favorite celeb's make, and today, we have that information for you.

According to a report from Parade, Bruce Springsteen, the legendary rocker, made a whopping $75 million this year. While not a lot of people are familiar with Bruce considering the fact he was most famous during the 1980's, his work still lives on through the slam-packed concerts he puts on.

Additionally, Springsteen made money from his latest memoir, Born To Run, as well as the Broadshow he created. Chris Rock followed behind Springsteen with an estimated $57 million.

The comedic legend made $40 million from his last two Netflix specials back in 2016, and close behind was Jimmy Buffet and Steve Harvey with $51 million and $42.5 million respectively.

And America's favorite reality TV star? Kylie Jenner was close, with an estimated $41 million. Sean Hannity - who recently engaged in a publicized feud with Jimmy Kimmel - had an approximate total of $36 million, making him one of the highest paid television show hosts in 2017.

As for the late Tom Petty who passed away this year, he made around $20 million as a result of his highly successful 40th-Anniversary Tour which made him and the rest of the band $1 million per show.

Mindy Kaling made $13 million and Kerry Washington generated $11 million.

Patty Jenkins, the director of the incredibly successful, Wonder Woman, brought in around $1 million but is expected to get around $7 to $9 million for the next installment. It's important to note that this list doesn't include other celebrities who made money through unrelated business ventures including P. Diddy and George Clooney with their respective alcohol enterprises, or Jay-Z with his streaming service, Tidal.


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