Check Out The Provocative Message Slim Thug Sent To Nicki Minaj

Check Out The Provocative Message Slim Thug Sent To Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj knows how to handle herself online, especially when it comes to thirsty rappers. With all of the messages directed her way, the most recent one sent by Slim Thug, appeared to be, perhaps, the most shameless.

On a new picture of Nicki Minaj from her CRWN interview yesterday, Slim Thug took his shot at her, because according to him, a lot of guys are too scared to do so. You can check out the post below to see it for yourself.

He suggested for the "Barbie Tingz" artist to fly down to Houston, so he could "throw her around the room." In response, Nicki issued a simple, as well as effortless, crying-laughing and stressed out face-emoji. It was as easy as it was graceful.

However, these days, sources have stated that Minaj and her ex-man, Meek Mill, might be dating again. Even though they broke up and it appeared to be done for good, insiders claimed that Meek has "always loved her."

Reportedly, Jay-Z has been explaining to Meek the importance of having a woman who he loves at his side at all times. Jay's little story for the rapper convinced him that getting back to Nicki would be a great idea.

This comes after an interview Nicki did where she stated she was sick of being treated like an "emotionless Barbie," who isn't allowed to criticize the people who say mean things about her body and career.

Minaj pointed out the way in which the media characterizes her as a mean person, for merely defending herself against online trolls.

Also, during the same conversation, Nicki said the supposed feud between her and Cardi B was a complete and utter fabrication. Nicki said that they don't even know each other - "give me a f*cking break," the rapper remarked.

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