Check Out The First Trailer For Marvel's Teen Drama 'Cloak & Dagger'

Check Out The First Trailer For Marvel's Teen Drama 'Cloak & Dagger'

Marvel Studios continues to dominate Hollywood with their blockbuster superhero films, Netflix Original Series, and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, the studio is expanding their repertoire with a new show on a new network, aimed squarely at teenagers: Cloak & Dagger , coming next year to Freeform.

If you're unfamiliar with the characters of Cloak and Dagger, here's a primer. Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen are two teenage runaways in New York City who end up with superpowers. Tyrone (Cloak) can only control his dark powers when Tandy (Dagger) is nearby.

The duo was created in 1982 and debuted in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man . Over the years, they've appeared in their own comic book titles and as part of various superhero teams.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger will feature former Disney star Olivia Holt as Tandy and newcomer Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone. The story has been modified slightly, casting the two in a sort of Romeo and Juliet -inspired love story where they come together from two vastly different backgrounds.

Joe Pokaski, who was an executive story editor on NBC's Heroes and wrote two episodes of Netflix's Daredevil series, will serve as showrunner on Cloak & Dagger .

The show has been described by Freeform as a "superhero love story," and after watching the first trailer, you'll find the emphasis is strongly on the "love story" aspect.

In fact, if it weren't for the giant Marvel logo near the trailer's beginning, you'd be hard-pressed to believe this was a superhero show at all (until the duo gains their powers at the very end).

That makes sense considering Freeform's target demographic. The channel (formerly known as ABC Family) calls its 14-34-year-old audience "Becomers."

The show does take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so expect to see at least a few references to the Avengers and other popular heroes.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is currently filming, with the first season expected to debut sometime in 2018.


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