Check Out Lana Del Rey's Dreamy Preview Of 'White Mustang' Video

Check Out Lana Del Rey's Dreamy Preview Of 'White Mustang' Video

Last month, Lana del Rey hinted that the music video for her much-acclaimed song 'White Mustang' off her latest album called 'Lust For Life' which she released after it leaked online would arrive soon. Her fans are getting really impatient, and she has now shared on social media a cool preview of the upcoming visuals.

As you can see, the next video directed by Rich Lee will be really romantic.

The short clip shows Lana driving a car while she remembers her passionate relationship with a man and especially their times together while they were cruising around the L.A. streets in a white Mustang.

Lana has initially revealed the music video for 'White Mustang' last month.

She shared a clip on her Instagram account that found her announcing the new visuals and a world tour to support 'Lust for Life'.

'I just wanted to let you guys know that we are planning a world tour. So excited. Can't wait to tell you more,' Lana said.

Unfortunately, the singer didn't say anything else regarding the tour.

In the meantime, Lana will also headline a number of music festivals.

She is slated to sing at New York City on October 23 and 24, as well as at Los Angeles on October 28.

She released 'Lust for Life, ' and it's extremely different from her previous records; she tries her best to show her political stance on the album.

'On the last records I needed to look inward to figure out why things had gone so far down one path, and then I kind of came to the end of my self-examination, and I naturally was looking at everything else,' Lana said about 'Lust for Life'.

'But of course, all my experiences and romantic relationships and stuff are still peppered into some of the songs on this record,' the singer continued.

'Also, with Obama as president, me and everybody I know, I think we felt very safe and protected, felt like we were being viewed the way we wanted to be viewed, in terms of the world. So, there wasn't as much to say except, like, look how far we've come and it's getting better, getting even better. I feel like there was quite a shift.'

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