Check Out Kim Kardashian's Skintight Black Latex Dress And Silver Blonde Hair At Tom Ford NYFW Show

Check Out Kim Kardashian's Skintight Black Latex Dress And Silver Blonde Hair At Tom Ford NYFW Show

Kim Kardashian stopped by the Tom Ford show at NYFW on September 6, and she looked amazing. She wore a black latex dress that hugged every inch of her fantastic body.

Only she could pull off such a dramatic and incredible look. She attended Tom Ford's New York Fashion Week show, and she was dressed to impress.

She rocked a skintight latex gown that went all the way to the floor. The black dress looked like oil, and it hugged every curve of her toned body, fitting her like a glove.

Kim wore the silver=blonde wig for this particular event, and this made her looks incredibly edgy and cool.

Her longtime stylist Chris Appleton took credit for the look on Instagram, saying 'Guess who? Seeing if blondes have more fun! Silver white hair vibes! It’s NYFW! Colour and cut by me.'

Kim’s makeup was very subtle with pale pink lips, hazy gray lids, and tons of lashes. She also wore the fabulous contour that we are already used to.

Kim recently snapped a picture using her contour kit to create the look which was completed by makeup artist Ariel.

The whole focus was maintained on her dress, and we can see that Kim opted not to accessorize it.

She also didn't wear any earrings, necklaces, bracelets. She didn’t even carry a purse! Her sky-high black stilettos just had one delicate strap and perfectly completed her outfit.

This look is clearly all about the gown, and her amazing body!

This is the first event Kim has been spotted at after we found out that she and Kanye West are expecting their second daughter in January.

In case you are wondering what Kim has been up to lately, you might have heard about her feud with Sharon Osbourne who criticized Kim for stating that she is a feminist when, according to her, it is definitely not the case.

Other than that, Kim is making sure to pamper the surrogate for her daughter and to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

What do you think about Kim's outfit? She definitely couldn't have worn it if she was pregnant herself, that's for sure!


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