Check Out Kandi Burruss Playing Her Song 'Fake People' To The RHOA Ladies

Check Out Kandi Burruss Playing Her Song 'Fake People' To The RHOA Ladies

We recently reported that Kandi Burruss' own son advertised her single called Fake People on her social media account and he was just adorable. Now, you can see Kandi playing the song in front of the RHOA ladies during a clip that she also posted on her Instagram.

'Here’s a clip of the next episode of #RHOA when I play my song #FakePeople for the girls. This song was done a long time ago (This was taped September 2017) but I just released it right on time before this episode aired,' Kandi began captioning her post.

'  yes @cynthiabailey10 it may not have been the most positive message for your Love & Light moment, but It’s an anthem for those of us who don’t mess with #FakePeople!' Kandi wrote alongside the clip featuring the RHOA ladies.

Her fans and followers liked by they listened to and some of them started making some jokes such as the following:

'Who is Kandi referring to? It's too many of you to be taking guesses?'

Other followers of hers were not that joyful, and they wanted to make sure that they slam the whole sho in public. Here's what a commenter posted:

'The right song for them all.Fake people and fake show.'

Another one of her followers was not happy and wrote that 'I used to be a fan now I think you're just awful! You can’t sing you have horrible vocals please just give up singing hunny it’s not for you! Stick to taking care of your piece of a trash ass husband who’s an opp & broke!'

Stay tuned for more juicy events on your favorite show!


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  • Armenthia
    Armenthia Feb 28, 2018 8:14 AM PST

    Frankly I'm tired of both Kim and Kandi's Family members on the show! It's too much tea from noneccential bodies!

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