Charlize Theron Reveals That Her Kids Like To Give Her Fashion Advice!

Charlize Theron Reveals That Her Kids Like To Give Her Fashion Advice!
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The actress always looks stunning, elegant and fashionable at any red carpet event and now, it seems like her secret is finally out! Her kids, August and Jackson, are the ones giving her very precious fashion advice!

While in attendance at the Critics' Choice Awards, Charlize Theron chatted with ET, telling the outlet that her young ones always have very strong opinions on her looks.

As for what she wore at this particular event, it was a gorgeous one-shoulder, cutout Givenchy dress.

When asked if the children have any saying in her red carpet fashion, Theron was quick to reply: ‘Oh, yeah, definitely. They love it. They love saying things for the sake of saying them, it makes no sense. There is usually a throwback to a mermaid or a unicorn. It makes zero sense, but we just go like this.’

As the interview went on, Charlize also talked about her career, more precisely about the still-untitled movie on Fox News’ Roger Ailes, in which she is set to portray none other than Megyn Kelly.

‘Just a great team, a great script and I think a really important story for where we are now and this movement for women. This story - the year and a half, two year span that we cover - was the catalyst for where we are today and where we are going in the future, so to me, that felt like an important thing to tap into and also it is just really entertaining,’ the actress said.

Fans even got to see her as Kelly in a pic that was taken back in October on the set of the highly anticipated movie.

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