Charlize Theron Posts Photo Of Daughter Jackson In Red Dress During Vacation -- The Reactions Took An Unexpected Turn

Charlize Theron Posts Photo Of Daughter Jackson In Red Dress During Vacation -- The Reactions Took An Unexpected Turn
Credit: Vanity Fair

Charlize Theron has been having quite a good time with her family as they are on an amazing vacation at the moment, and she has decided to make a surprising move by sharing photos from the trip.

A recent photo showed her daughter 7-year-old, Jackson, picking an apple from a tree, as Charlize seems to be taking the opportunity to educate her children about some important things in life.

Jackson was born a boy, but at a very young age revealed that she was a girl and wanted to wear dresses.

Charlize had the following caption, “we don’t wanna leaves,” under the photo, and made it clear that everyone was having a fantastic time at their get-together.

Many of Charlize’s fans have been happy to see her on social media again, and have pointed out that she should maybe ramp up her appearances there, as she has been quite elusive to protect her family.

Especially with regards to Jackson, who has many people, including Mario Lopez, debating at what age should parents back a child who announced they are transgender.

That is not the case with Charlize though, as she seems to have her priorities straight when taking care of her kids.

Hopefully, that will be the case in the future as well, as she has been showing great potential in the role of a mother so far.

And her family seems to appreciate her efforts as well, from everything fans have seen until now in the public space.

One person told the Oscar-winning actress: “A 7-year-old cannot be transgender. Nobody can say that positively until they reach puberty. You need to check yourself, become less “Hollywood,” and stop destroying your child - thank you :)”

This follower shared: “Why aren’t you out there adopted all the unwanted black kids then, since your mouth so big? Hmmm? Yeah her wallet is more significant than yours, so you have to hate. Black children are the least adopted out of all. Go fix it or leave those that try alone. #putyourmoneywhereyourmouthis #hateneverfixedanything.”

Another supporter stated: "I think how you have raised guides you in how you parent. Things that happen in your life affect you like an adult. She knew the society in which she grew up in and used the same excuses as people in the 50s and 60s in the USA. “It was the times” is not an excuse. Again I never heard her discuss how she battled the racism and segregation that she was very much a part of. So yes, I question it and I question her intentions. People adopt children for all the wrong reasons every day. White or black. Rich or poor. Hell didn’t you see Mommy Dearest!!!"

Charlize has evolved quite a bit since becoming a mom.

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