Charlie Sheen’s Private Plane Ordered To Land For A Drug Inspection! Here’s How The Feds Found The Actor!

Charlie Sheen’s Private Plane Ordered To Land For A Drug Inspection! Here’s How The Feds Found The Actor!

On his way back from Mexico, Customs cops raided Charlie Sheen’s private plane and found drugs!

According to eyewitnesses, the actor was dragged by two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents like an ordinary criminal.

In the end, however, he was not charged!

The incident happened at Brown Field Airport in San Diego after the plane was forced to land for an inspection.

"Charlie was on his private plane coming back from Cabo San Lucas, where he'd been on a bender, and had to stop in San Diego for inspection," one source stated.

"Charlie was hammered, and upon inspection, some sort of narcotic appeared to be found on board."

The authorities confiscated the bags and had trained dogs to sniff for other drugs.

They found nothing. Meanwhile, drunken Sheen excused himself to the bathroom, claiming he needed to pee.

He was searched after exiting the bathroom, but nothing was found on him, meaning he may have gotten rid of the substances while in there. Sheen was allowed to re-board the plane.

This is just the latest of his problems with drugs. As fans may already know, Charlie Sheen was involved in multiple drug related scandals. After filming Two and a Half Men, the actor went on a hiatus. He tried to sober up three times in only a year, but it looks like he’s still battling addiction.

Reports say that his most recent rehab attempt has been taking place at the Malibu home of his parents, Martin and Janet Sheen.

Judging by the state the customs agents found him in, he may still be ignoring everyone’s efforts to help him recover.

Do you think he will manage to sober up now that he has the support of his family?

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  • Brenda
    Brenda May 3, 2017 10:52 PM PDT

    No. What a tragic waste of a phenomenal comic and dramatic talent!

  • Marilyn Smith
    Marilyn Smith Apr 30, 2017 5:35 PM PDT

    If he was drunk i hope he wasn't piloting the plane.

  • Mrs Wendy Gloria
    Mrs Wendy Gloria Apr 30, 2017 11:21 AM PDT


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