Charlie Sheen Will Not Seek Sole Custody Following Brooke Mueller's Fall Back Into Drug Addiction

Charlie Sheen Will Not Seek Sole Custody Following Brooke Mueller's Fall Back Into Drug Addiction
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According to a report from Page Six, Charlie Sheen doesn't intend on acquiring sole custody of his 10-year-old twins with Brooke Mueller, despite the fact, his ex-wife has been reportedly engaging in a hard-partying lifestyle.

A source who spoke with the outlet stated that Ms. Mueller has been on a drug-bender for the last few weeks, with the outlet reporting on various footage and audio-tapes obtained, which appear to reveal Brooke admitting to a decadent lifestyle, including "Eyes-Wide-Shut-type" parties as well as fighting with drug addiction.

On one occasion, Mueller reportedly had in her possession suitcases full of illegal narcotics and was also trying to get her hands on "black-tar" heroin. With that all said, the insider said to the outlet that Charlie isn't trying to get sole custody.

The source claims Charlie believes to do so would send her down the wrong path even more so, moreover, Sheen thinks that by not seeking full custody, it's as if he's re-paying for his past with substance abuse addiction as well.

Fans of Sheen will remember his media spectacle eight years ago in 2011 when he appeared on ABC News' 20/20 and gave a bizarre interview in which he made many strange declarations. This past January, however, he revealed that he has been sober for a year.

Even though Charlie isn't trying to get sole custody, he's reportedly upset because he believes that Brooke has been using his extensive child support money to get high. They have two children together, Bobby and Max.

As it was previously reported, Sheen and Brooke were married from 2008 until they finally separated three years later in 2011. He was arrested for assaulting her in Aspen, Colorado, back on Christmas Day in 2009.

Interestingly, Mueller actually has physical custody of their two children, and Sheen has been paying her $55,000 per month in child support. The star recently tried to have the amount reduced due to the fact he has been getting less work in Hollywood.

Charlie reportedly said to The Blast that between their boys' grand-parents and support system, they're able to protect their two kids from the decisions Brooke has been making lately.

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