Charlie Sheen Reveals That He's Selling His Major League Baseball Hat

Charlie Sheen Reveals That He's Selling His Major League Baseball Hat
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Charlie Sheen, the Two And A Half Men actor, recently revealed that he was putting his Cleveland Indians cap up for sale, the hat he famously wore during the filming of the movie, Major League . Moreover, Page Six reported that the ball he pitched in the film went up for sale as well.

In Major League, Charlie Sheen's character throws a 101 miles-per-hour fastball and strikes out his enemy. Speaking with the aforementioned publication, Charlie hoped out loud that whoever buys the two items would get as much enjoyment out of them as he did.

Sheen admitted to the outlet that while he never managed to throw the ball at 101 miles per hour, he did manage to throw a solid 84/85 mile per hour pitch. Charlie, who was once a high school baseball player, recalled to Page Six that he remembers filming the movie and his arm was very sore from all the pitching he did.

Furthermore, the actor admitted he was never able to throw a baseball like that ever again. Reportedly, Lelands are selling the two items online and the highest bid on the hat was $4,594 and $2,357 on the ball.

He also sold the watch he wore on the set of Platoon, in addition to a signed copy of The Old Man and the Sea from the legendary author, Ernest Hemingway.

As most know, Charlie Sheen's fall from Hollywood was precipitous at the beginning of the 2010s, following his highly publicized fight with Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two And A Half Men.

Charlie famously was partying like crazy, and would often show up to production late, and was consequently relieved from his duties on the show after he stated that Chuck could never fire him from the series. Later, Charlie started a brand new show called Anger Management, which ran for only two seasons.

Since then, the actor allegedly hasn't been getting jobs in the industry nearly as much, with a few exceptions. The actor recently bowed out of the reality series, Dancing With The Stars, because he claimed he had "two left feet."

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