Charlie Sheen Celebrates One Year Without Smoking

Charlie Sheen Celebrates One Year Without Smoking
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Charlie Sheen has been in and out of the headlines for years ever since his public fiasco back in 2011 amid his firing from Two and A Half Men. Fans of Sheen will remember when the actor feuded very publicly and vehemently with the creator of the series, Chuck Lorre, who went on to establish The Big Bang Theory.

People Magazine reported on the 4th of July that the 54-year-old actor shared his most recent health update via Twitter. The star wrote on his account that it's been a full year since he first gave up smoking for good.

He wrote, "It was one year ago, Today, that I quit smoking." You can check out his tweet below:

Sheen went on to say that he wishes he could go back in time and say never even picked up a cigarette, to begin with.

While Sheen has certainly been a controversial figure, it's clear the actor has been doing everything in his power to get his life back together, including back in 2018, when he celebrated one year of sobriety.

With a social media post including a picture of his AA medallion, the actor celebrated one year without drugs or alcohol. During his appearence on Jay Leno's Garage , the actor shared what led him to make the life-changing shift.

Sheen said that approximately one year ago - two years ago now - he realized it was time for him to make serious changes to his lifestyle. Charlie joked that it didn't take anything dramatic for him to make the change.

Sheen said to People Magazine in January of 2019 that he was very proud of the progress. Around that time, Charlie also shared that he was going to give up smoking cigarettes as well. Previously, Sheen also spoke with Dr. Oz about his struggles with alcohol abuse.

He said that he tried to say "no" to the bottle approximately 2,000 times over the last few decades. Following his HIV diagnosis, Charlie said he fell off the wagon again.


In other news, the  Anger Management star has been feuding with the mother of his children, Denise Richards. 

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