Charlie Hunnam Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Weight He Lost For 'Papillon'

Charlie Hunnam Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Weight He Lost For 'Papillon'
Source: NY Daily News

Charlie Hunnam went through a major transformation to star in his next movie Papillon . The Sons of Anarchy alum dropped over 35 pounds to play a prisoner in the film – and this is not the first time Hunnam has altered his body for a role.

Prior to landing the part in Papillon , Hunnam lost an incredible 40 pounds for The Lost City of Z . While Hunnam’s transformation is impressive, his Papillon co-star Rami Malek was worried that he was putting his body through too much. In fact, Malek admitted that he was concerned about Hunnam’s health during filming, but fortunately everything turned out okay.

As far as Hunnam is concerned, he was not too worried about dropping weight for the role. After all, he had lost considerable weigh for The Lost City of Z , so he already knew what he was getting himself into.

“I did this two times in a row,” Hunnam shared, adding that he lost exactly 40 pounds for his previous movie. “I was down to 145 again for this [role], but I think I probably started at 180 so maybe [I lost] like 35 pounds.”

While Hunnam is comfortable in his own skin, he does not want to keep going shirtless in every role he gets. According to ET Online , Hunnam hopes to get away from showing off his body in front of the camera, despite knowing that fans have come to expect it from him.

Of course, Hunnam does not only lose weight for parts. When Hunnam accepted the lead in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword , he actually gained around 20 pounds, most of which was pure muscle.

In Papillon , Hunnam plays the part of Henri Charriere, an inmate at the prison on Devil’s Island. The movie is an adaptation of Charriere’s memoirs and is a remake of the 1973 film starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

When speaking about playing such an iconic role, Hunnam admitted that he was a little intimidated by the original film and the expectations placed on the remake. But at the end of the day, Charlie Hunnam realized that they were simply telling a true story about how a man escaped one of the most notorious prisons in the world.

Papillon was directed by Danish filmmaker Michael Noer. The movie premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival and is scheduled to open in theaters on Aug. 24.

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