Charlie Hunnam Reveals His Painful First Three-Year Marriage

Charlie Hunnam Reveals His Painful First Three-Year Marriage
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During a new interview with Sons Of Anarchy performer Charlie Hunnam, the dramatic actor revealed his tumultuous marriage to Katharine Towne, whom he met during an audition for the show Dawson's Creek  in 1999.

The performer said, "the first time I was ever in Vegas I got married, which didn't turn out that well."

Charlie said he had known the girl for three weeks and they had hastily fallen in love.

The couple had decided to elope after Hunnam, who was 18-years-old at the time, had to go back to his native home in England. They worried they would never see each other again, so they figured why not get married?

Hunnam went on to later regret the rapid decision. In the United States, the drinking age is 21, so the actor was unsure if they would even be able to complete the ceremony.

Sin City is known as a place where anything can happen, so at 2 A.M., the couple officially tied the knot in front of the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel under the guidance of Reverend RJ Cotton.

In the end, Hunnam regretted the decision. The marriage lasted "three terrible years," but he was happy because at least he got to keep his cats! A small but significant victory according to Charlie.

Eventually, Charlie started a new relationship with jewelry designer Morgana McNelis which has lasted 12 years. The couple lives in a $2.76 million home in Hollywood Hills, and the mansion sees a lot of action. The actor said he likes to stay in shape, and one of the activities that keep him well is of an explicitly intimate nature.

Hunnam said, "I try to do it all. I also try to make love as often as I can. That's an important part of fitness. There's no reason you can't be active at 70. I want to run up mountains at that age."

Charlie Hunnam went on to say sweating and working out hard is what keeps him physically and mentally healthy.

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  • Bonnie Music
    Bonnie Music Apr 23, 2017 2:31 PM PDT

    When you do STUPID things there is a price to pay. What on earth happened to your common sense? That was pretty drastic even if you were 18 years old. You must of learned a lesson the hard way because you have been in a 12 year relationship instead of feeling you need to get married. Good for you!

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