Charles Barkley Says Shaq Was 'Carried' By Kobe Bryant And Dwyane Wade

Charles Barkley Says Shaq Was 'Carried' By Kobe Bryant And Dwyane Wade
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Charles Barkley and Shaq have not always gotten along. Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that the pair of former NBAers have frequently engaged in squabbles while on TNT's Inside The NBA . Put simply, there are times when they simply don't get along as well as they should.

For the most part, Shaq and Charles manage to get along, but there are many occasions in which they spar which makes for a great back-and-forth.

This past evening, Hot New Hip Hop claims, Shaq claimed the Portland Trail Blazers needed to play better defensively during games against the Brooklyn Nets. When Charles started talking about the same thing, Shaq began talking about how he's a winner and understands what real defense is.

Barkley then went on to call Shaq a "fat a**" who was carried to the NBA Championships not once but four times by the legendary basketball players, Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant. Fans online then went on to debate Shaq's skills, with many arguing he was actually one of the most important players.

Either way, Barkley knows how to generate headlines. The former NBA player is known for his right-leaning conservative views that sometimes get him into trouble from the black and hip-hop community.

For instance, while not necessarily a conservative talking point, Charles found himself in the news media when he spoke on the 2003 sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant . Basketball fans know the case never went to trial because the accuser refused to testify.

Around that time, there was significant controversy due to Gayle King's interview in which she spoke about the sexual assault allegation against the legendary NBA player who had just died in a helicopter crash that killed his daughter and others.

Reportedly, Charles said there were "two things that were true," one being that he was the greatest basketball player to ever do it and the other was the incident in Colorado. Kobe had been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a Colorado resort.


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