Charlyne Yi Calls Marilyn Manson A Pedophile As More People Question His Obsession With Corey Feldman

Charlyne Yi Calls Marilyn Manson A Pedophile As More People Question His Obsession With Corey Feldman
Credit: Source: Marilyn Manson/Perou/Instagram

Charlyne Yi called Marilyn Manson a pedophile, in a post that she shared to her Instagram stories. Evan Rachel Wood also posted Charlyne's picture to her own story, and now many people are asking why Charlyne made the allegation. The post also comes as Corey Feldman turned to Instagram and discussed the treatment he's received from Marilyn Manson since the nineties. It isn't like Corey is just making wild accusations either when he said that Marilyn Manson groomed, kissed him, and acted like a fan. Marilyn Manson specifically referred to Corey Feldman in his 1998 autobiography "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" and expressed taking delight in humiliating the actor. He even recalled the kissing incident! Now, sources say that Marilyn Manson planted spies into his home and on his tour bus!

Jenna Jameson addressed Marilyn Manson's obsession with Corey Feldman in her autobiography, "How To Make Love Like A Porn Star." She stated the following.


Now, sources say that Marilyn Manson's obsession with Corey Feldman manifested in more ways than writing about the actor and child rights activist in his book, or dropping in one of his Instagram lives to laugh at his abuse. Sources say that Marilyn Manson went on a campaign to derail Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign and even worked with his former angels to collect information on the actor. Some of Corey Feldman's former band members were allegedly working with Marilyn Manson from the beginning!

Marilyn Manson hasn't responded to any of the allegations hurled at him except for one Instagram post where he described his relationships with the initial five women who accused him on February 1, 2021, as consensual .

In the past week, more people spoke out and alleged that Marilyn Manson abused, tormented, and terrorized them, including Love Bailey , who said she witnessed a glass enclosure in his bedroom that contained soundproof glass and had an outside lock.

It is unclear why Charlene referred to Marilyn Manson as a pedophile, besides the onslaught of current allegations calling Marilyn Manson a rapist and physically and mentally abusive, but her post is raising questions.

Some are now asking if Marilyn Manson targeted Corey Feldman in order to derail his Truth Campaign!

You may see Charlyne Yi's post as shared on Evan Rachel Wood's Instagram below.

What do you think about the abuse allegations targeted towards Marilyn Manson? Were you surprised to see Charlyne Yi accuse Marilyn Manson of being a pedophile?


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