Charlamagne Tha God Reveals What It's Like To Take Drugs With Rihanna

Charlamagne Tha God Reveals What It's Like To Take Drugs With Rihanna
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Every fan of Rihanna knows that she's a big fan of smoking weed. The pop star, over the years, has developed a reputation for herself as a marijuana advocate, so much to the point that every pot smoker out there can only dream of having her as a co-participant.

According to, Charlamagne Tha God is just one man who got the chance to live that fantasy. Charlamagne delivered his story during an interview with Page Six on their TV program, Page Six TV.

The co-host of The Breakfast Club admitted that it was special, not only because he was with Rihanna, but also because she showed him a cool spot in LA that he had never seen before.

"I'm drunk in LA," the host of The Breakfast Club wrote online, and Rihanna hit him back and said, "Yo, I want in." Charlamagne, at first, didn't believe it was actually her, so he took a closer look at her profile and realized that it really was Rihanna.

Later on, she pulled up to his hotel and had a driver pick him as well as four or five people. She said to him, "is this your squad?" and then told him to come with.

"She took us to like some hood spot in LA," Charlamange said, and added it was one of those places where they had "mad weed and tequila." Even Beanie Sigel was there.

Afterward, she gave him money for a car service home. Despite really enjoying the experience, Charlamagne said he doesn't actually like smoking weed that often.

As it was noted earlier, Rihanna has been a fan of smoking weed for the longest time, and the media first got wind of that fact all the way back in 2010 when she was booted out of a hotel in Barbados for smoking pot.

Reportedly, the star set off the hotel smoke alarms so the security came and had her removed. And a year later in 2011, Rihanna shared posts on the 'Gram praising weed, featuring one picture that showed a caricature of the cannabis leaf, along with the phrases beside it, "pick me, roll me, burn me," set up to look like the American flag.

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